Workshop Activities

Before the workshop. We will use Slack
( to facilitate communication among workshop
participants at all stages.

On the day of the workshop, a mix of presentations, and role-play will contribute to a closer examination of player participation in games research.

Morning session. (1) Mini-symposium to introduce participants and give an opportunity to share individual perspectives on user participation. Five minute presentations using a maximum of two slides, to be submitted prior to the event. (2) Group work by research approach, reflect on goals and challenges based on previously solicited materials. Produce poster with entire group that summarises challenges, summary of results to be uploaded to shared document on the day.

Afternoon session. Mixed groups of participants will be invited to (3) work on case studies we will derive from their workshop submissions to encourage reflection on previously identified challenges and develop potential solutions. We will encourage (4) role-play to experience the views of players and designers. Produce poster that refines core challenges based on individual case studies, and points toward mitigation strategies. Summary of results to be uploaded to shared document on the day.

A detailed schedule will be published closer to the workshop date.